The ITUS web-based platform leverages mobile technology, GPS, cloud computing, integrated with NOAA weather alerts and open FEMA shelter locations to provide a simple, customizable way for rescue centers to streamline their communications and decision making. The technology can be applied across several industries such as: federal, state, local and tribal governments, non-profit humanitarian groups, and first responders.

 "What is ITUS?"- online presentation

 what is itus

 ITUS Architecture:

ITUS whole system diagram icon


Current Features:

  • Mobile users can receive alerts from FEMA, NOAA and to plan evacuation routes, find shelters and communicate in real-time with first responders.
  • On the ground rescue teams can request supplies and resources to impacted areas.
  • Real-time communication can occur between individuals, Rescue Teams and the Rescue Center.

To learn more about how we can customize ITUS to your organization's needs, contact us for a free demonstration: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


All ITUS Interfaces Include:

  • Real-time local weather maps and alerts
  • Pin-drop of your current location
  • List of open FEMA and temporary shelters with directions and ETA

Citizens and Mobile Users with Google Play App:

  • Easy to use help request buttons
  • Urgent and Non-urgent requests
  • Send text and email messages to pre-set list of friends, family or healthcare providers including GPS location and directions

Rescue Center Hubb Interface Features:

  • Visibility into locations and populations that need the most help
  • Tracking of supplies and recruiting resources
  • Ability to create temporary, ad-hoc shelters listings
  • Ticketing and tracking of help requests and fulfillment status
  • Visability into Rescue Team participants, location, contact information and status - (active, idle, in progress)
  • Real-time map interface of mobile users and Rescue Teams
  • Ability to communication directly with both Rescue Teams and Mobile Users to confirm help is on the way

Rescue Team

  • Update your Rescue Center your on-off duty status.
  • Picture and Note Incident Documentation
  • Pin-drop locations and turn-by-turn directions to help request site
  • Direct communication with mobile users requesting help
  • Documentation and reporting of help request incidents

Screen shots

device-2013-11-01-095131 RC1 device-2013-11-01-094934
 device-2013-07-30-121512  RC2  device-2013-07-30-121605
 device-2013-07-30-121651  RC4  device-2013-11-01-095152
 device-2013-11-01-101306  RC7  device-2013-07-30-121542
 device-2013-11-01-095048  device-2013-11-01-094638device-2013-11-01-095758  device-2013-11-01-094516